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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this statement?

We are a coalition of business leaders from across the US and Canada who are concerned about rising Antisemitism and hate. We pledge to refrain from hiring Hamas supporters in current and future businesses and we urge like-minded business leaders to do the same.

Why are we doing this?

We believe strongly that our businesses should strongly against hate and terrorism in all of its forms. We believe that the people in our business make our businesses and we want to ensure that our values stay aligned with diversity, peace, and coexistence. Individuals who support the acts of Hamas are antithetical to those values. We want to make it clear to those individuals that there is no business opportunity for them in our companies.

Is this statement anti-Palestinian?

This statement is not intended to discriminate against any racial, ethnic or religious group. It is only directed toward supporters of Hamas, their antisemitism, and their recent massacre of innocent men, women, and children in Israel. 

Should I consult with legal counsel?

Our committee is not responsible for any potential liability that may arise from signing this statement. Each signer assumes full responsibility for any consequences arising from this letter. While signing this letter may come with some risk, we hope you will join us in doing the right thing. 

How will this statement be circulated?

The statement will be circulated online and possibly in print media as well. The language of the statement will not be changed or put into any other context. 

How will our information be used?

Your company’s information will be used for purposes of this public pledge only. Additional data such as employee headcount and industry will be used only to help amplify the message, but will not be shared either publicly or privately. 


How can I help?

Please sign and circulate to peers.

I’m concerned I would not be able to enforce this statement.

Google is your friend. In today's world, many activists have posted pro-Hamas or other antisemitic statements online, or pictures of themselves at pro-Hamas rallies. Signers can also consider rejecting candidates who list Students for Justice in Palestine, BDS or other antisemitic groups on their resumes. 

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