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The Pledge:

We, the undersigned, are appalled by the October 7 massacre perpetrated by the Hamas terrorist organization against men, women, and children in Israel. We condemn all those around the world who have expressed support for the murders, as we are concerned that these voices represent hate and antisemitism which are counter to the values of our organizations.


Hamas supporters–including those attending rallies on college campuses and celebrating the massacre on social media–will receive the same treatment at our companies as supporters of other hate groups.

There is no place for hate and antisemitism in our world. We pledge to do everything in our power to refrain from hiring any known supporters of Hamas or other US-designated terrorist organizations, including any individuals justifying the attacks committed on October 7 against innocent people.

This statement is in no way intended to discriminate against members of any ethnic or religious group. 



Signers will be updated daily

Signed By:

Laura Kahana, Chief of Staff, Sunbit

Keith Singer, Managing Partner, Singer Wealth Advisors ​​

Aviv Shalgi, CEO, Solar Simplified

Tony Davis, President, Linden Capital Partners

Matthew Bochenek, CEO, Avant

Stacey Labell, President, Pearl Holding Group

Al Goldstein, CEO, StoicLane Inc

Ravin Gandhi, CEO, GMM

Alexander Goldstein, CEO, Eligo Energy

Mark Nashman, CIO, INcapital Ventures

Karson Humiston, CEO, Vangst

Rosie Mattio, CEO, Mattio Communications

Michael Lempert, President, Growpack Supply

Hal Valeche, Principal, Force4 Condilting

David Michan, Executive, Strata Equity

Mattew Osterman, President, Sleeping Giant Brewing Company

Sharon Chodirker, Program Coordinator, Bernard Betel Centre

Yael Benarroch, President, MOMforce Inc

Jamie Sweigman, Director, Hillel Ottawa

Bernita Young, Doctor, Kipling Heights Medical Center

Steven Wildstein, President, Steven Wildstein PC

Warren Kimel, President, Fabricland dist.

Adam Hughes, CEO, Amount

Michael Mazur, COO, Colu


Island Snacks

Portobello Plus Management Co Inc

Scarlett Hotel Group

Eric Gallagher, CEO, Bidversity, Inc.

Tim Milgram, Owner, TMilly TV

Richard Horwitz, Chairman, Moreland Management Co.

Boaz Shonfeld, CEO and Founder, Moderngourmetfoods

Meetings Global

Kelly Ewen, Partner, Rose Partners

Jackson Project, LLC

Ure Kretowicz, CEO, Cornerstone Communities Corp.

Joseph Czyzyk, CEO, Mercury Aviation LLC

Roberto Jinich, Principal, Paragon Real Estate Investments

Daniel Vinograd, Principal, WiseChoiceHealth

Nadin Benrey, Owner, Nadin Benrey Balance & Wellness

David Burakoff, Owner, DANYA B INC

Carlos Michan, Chairman, Strata Equity Group, Inc

Eliot Weiner, COO, Edw. C. Levy Co

Greg Jacobson, CEO, KaiNexus

Micha Weinblatt, CEO, Crooked Monkey

Orit Goldstein, President, Ozzy Properties, Inc.

Marc Rudoltz, Managing Partner, MSR Healthcare Consultants LLC

Susan Lund, Lead Designer and Owner, Spacial Design

Golan Levy, President, West Wood Products

Krista Lee, Owner, Fourth Pillar, Inc

Michelle Murre, Owner, Azurine Travel

Eric Barvin, CEO, Barvin Group


Jonathan Aaron, Principal, The Velvel Group, LLC

David Paletz, Partner, Novus Underwriters

Barry Labell, Founder/Owner, Seed and Smith

Raymond Gindi, CEO, Century 21 Stores

Wolfpack Ventures

Portobello Plus Management Co inc

Federation of Teachers in Hebrew Schools

Wise Choice Health, Inc

Schuckit & Assoc. PC

Cosmetic Surgical Center

Langsam Property Services Corp

Kenneth Segal, CEO, Segal & Morel, Inc.

Keith Singer, Managing Partner, Singer Wealth Advisors

LT Executive Search

Adam Jiwan, Executive Chairman, Assembly Software


LLJ Ventures

Deicas Consulting

Michel Goldstein, CEO, Goldstein Real Estate Group

Leo Simpser, Managing Member, LLJ Ventures

Karen DePodesta, CEO, Deicas Consulting

Francine Basson, President, Meetings Global

Boaz Shonfeld, CEO and Founder, Moderngourmetfoods

Anna Fridman, Co-Founder, SpringLabs

Adam Jiwan, Executive Chairman, Assembly Software

Leanne Tomar, Managing Partner, LT Executive Search

Keith Singer, Managing Partner, Singer Wealth Advisors

Kenneth Segal, CEO, Segal & Morel, Inc.

Richard Horvitz, Chairman, Moreland Management Co.

Tim Milgram, Owner, TMilly TV

Warren Kimel, President, Fabricland Distributors Inc.

Lute Maleki, President and CEO, OEwaves, Inc.

Ralph Horn, President, Horn Eichenwald Investment Corp.

Luis Damato, CEO, Aston Capital Management LLC

Bruno Duarte, Partner & CEO, alliance Capital Management Group

Maurice Pamensky, Vice President, VJ Pamensky Canda Inc.

Joao Vianna, Co-CEO, Invisto

Alexandre Preuss, Managing Partner, Alliance Capital

Mauricio Levi, MD, QUATTRO L

Kerry Miller, General Partner, Overton Venture Capital

Eduardo Brenner, Director, Aston Capital

Steve Conlin, President, ICD Alloys and Metals LLC

Batsheva Frankel, CEO, New Lens Ed.

Leandro Taub, Partner, Tikun Olam Media LLC

Richard Ambrose, Owner, Ambrose Junk Removal

Erle Karp, Owner, Erle Karp Plumbing

Asher Lichtman, Head of BD, Spotwork

Jessy Revivo, President, Starbrand Production Inc.

Howard Binder, President, Glomail International

Malcolm Silver, CEO, Malcolm Silver & Co

Jean-Pierre Hubschman, CEO, Horizon Surgical Systems

Pierre Levy, Owner, Goapparel LLC

Guy Spier, CEO, Aquamarine Capital

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